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Solar Mobile Phone Charging Lamp


Electric source: DC/AC
AC: 200V-240V/50HZ-60HZ
Max power: 2.3W
The built-in battery : 2000mAH
DC charging current: 180mAH±5
DC lighting hours: ≥10
Ambient temperature range: +50°/-30°
LED lamp lifetime: 50000 hours
LED power: 1.3W 

LED lamp specifications: 5MM straw hat,high brightness
The quantity of beads: 22pcs
Lamp base: B22,B27
Lamp material quality: ABS+PS
Colour temperature: 6000—6500K
Luminous flux: 120—140LM
Solar charging time: 3-4hours
PV modules: 2W/6V
Weight-GW: 0.23KG

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